Conflict with SQL

I have noticed that the software E2 I have installed for a few years does not work like used to after installing Directory Opus. The software connects with remote SQL server in local network. Since I installed Directory Opus, it runs terribly slowly. It takes forever to pull any information from SQL DB.I was not sure what happened, it took me a few days but when I uninstalled DO everything works perfectly. Once I installed again, problem showed up again. My question is if there is any setting in DO which might be responsible for that?

I cannot think of any way in which Opus could affect, or be involved with, how another program talks to an SQL server on the internet.

(Unless that software runs inside of Opus, like a shell namespace extension. But those are very rare these days.)

Everything is on local LAN. E2 pulls out some information from SQL. I do not know exactly how does it works. I noticed that is I uninstall DO, the problem disappears. When I install it it happens again. I was trying to just Exit DO at right lower corner of the Windows when I need to use E2, but it does not help. It works only if I uninstall DO. I recall from maybe 6-8 years back, we had similar situation when we had installed some chatting program. We had to uninstall it to make E2 work correctly.

I recall , that during installation DO is asking if it should be default application for FTP, movie/music files etc. Where can I uncheck this option in DO. Just want to try.

Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Make Directory Opus the default handler for FTP sites

I'd be surprised if the tool is using the Windows FTP:// handler to talk to an SQL server, but it's worth a try.

It also seems quite odd that the tool was also affected by chat software. One app would not normally be involved in what any other app does in that way.