Conflict with ToolBar Names

I show a conflict with ToolBar Names.

Here are the Steps:

  1. Load Lister MST
  2. Use Edit LayOuts...(To check ToolBar Name)
    Result = MST-AX-Menu-A
  3. Now I open "ToolBar List" (The same Lister is still loaded).
    Result = !AX-A-Menu

Before all this, I had changed the name of the above-mentioned ToolBar, !AX-A-Menu, to MST-AX-Menu-A. I did use ALT+M. If you double click on the actual name, !AX-A-Menu, you can also change the name. I could have done it either way. Currently, I have no ToolBar, in my LayOuts, called !AX-A-Menu.

I did do a restart, just in case, and still the same above issue.

Edit Layouts doesn't rename toolbars.

The names of Layouts have no connections to the names of Toolbars or Toolbar Sets, other than if you choose to name them in similar ways.

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