Confusion re version description

I went to download the newly released version of DOpus (, but I found myself uncertain what to do. There were two choices: Directory Opus 8 and Directory Opus 8 (Windows 9X). Well, clearly, since I'm running Windows XP, I should download the first, right? Except that the first describes itself as "Unicode version of NT4/2000/XP or later." I want the ANSI version, but the only ANSI version is the one for Windows 9X, at least, according to the description. :frowning:

I'd welcome some clarification.

I don't know if they've actually changed anything in to make the ANSI version not able to install on WinXP... I think they're probably just 'steering' people who are running OS's that are natively unicode based anyway over towards the Unicode version of Opus.

Exactly. There is no reason to not use the Unicode version unless you are running on Windows 95/98/ME.

I have to say that on the GPSoftware web site, that you folks did once suggest a reason of ANSI over Unicode:

Previous versions: New Features and Changes summary for version 8.1

In summary, the major new features include:

Unicode Support
Directory Opus now has full Unicode support. Unicode is only supported for the later Windows Operating systems for Windows NT/2000/XP and above. Unicode allows Directory Opus to handle files and folder names containing non-Western characters.
Two versions of Directory Opus will now be offered, Unicode and ANSI. Although we have no benchmarks comparing the performance of the different versions, the ANSI version may be faster and will certainly use less memory than the Unicode version – therefore, if you have no need for Unicode, we recommend that you should use the standard ANSI version.[/quote]Source:

Any difference in performance and memory usage is so small as to be negligible :slight_smile:

Yes, I recall reading the same sort of statement that Kenneth Alcock quoted about the desirability of choosing ANSI if you don't specifically need Unicode. I gather, Jon, that you're saying it's no longer true? Are you also saying that there is no ANSI version of the latest update for WinXP? And perhaps that there will be no more ANSI versions for WinXP? If so, and if I thus have to install the Unicode version, what will that do to any customizations I've made in the ANSI version? (The ability to do extensive customization is, after all, one of DOpus' most outstanding features.)

No, you are reading too much into this. The Ansi version is still the Ansi version - all that has changed is that we are recommending you run the Unicode version unless you have to use the Ansi version (because, for example, you are running Windows 9x). If you want to run the Ansi version under XP you're quite welcome to.

OK, thanks for the clarification. One more question: if I'm now using the ANSI version (on WinXP) and I download the most recent version ( in the Unicode version, will the upgrade be seamless--i.e., all the customizations I've done in the ANSI version of will remain? Is there anything I should back up before installing the Unicode

It never hurts to back up any program before installation of an update. That goes for ANYTHING.

You won't see any difference between the versions apart from the version number:)

You can freely install either version over the top of the other one with no interference to your system and Opus settings.

I suppose that's true, but I rarely do this unless either the software manufacturer specifically advises it or people on the software's forum have complained of losing data through upgrades.

But if I were to back up DOpus before upgrading from to, what should I back up? Are there specific files? Do I have to back up everything in the DOpus directory in Program Files and/or the DOpus directory in Documents and Settings?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

You can freely install either version over the top of the other one with no interference to your system and Opus settings.[/quote]
Thanks very much, greg. This is very helpful.

I think I may have just found the answer to the question I asked tanis. According to what I read elsewhere, if I want to back up my settings, configurations, etc., I should create a .dps export file. I've now done that, so I guess I can now go ahead and upgrade.

Thanks again to everyone who helped.