Content type images » thumbnails, but i get thumbnails in other content types

i SO love DOPUS, first. can't understand why all the other File Explorers haven't just given up...

OK. so i've set my content type Images to open in thumbnails. cool. But it has trouble recognizing my Website folders as other than Images for some reason, and every time i open such a folder, which is a LOT, since it's what i do for a living, it wants to open in Thumbnails. I hate it! I know there's a way around this, just don't know what it is.

can someone give me a hand?

very grateful,

Is it recognising the website folders as ones containing images, or is it switching to thumbnails mode for another reason?

If you hover (don't click) the mouse pointer over the lock icon on the status bar, a tooltip will appear telling you where the current format comes from.

yes, i assumed it's detecting the first folder or two which contain images. figured there'd be a setting for specific subfolders, or something...

oh, heck - when i went to check my settings just now i saw "Content Threshold" was set at 25% - i upped it to 75% since my Pictures folders are ALL images, and it seems that worked...

thanks, Leo!!!