Context menu commands: Don't work any longer

Hello again,

with DO 12.22 (and just updated to .24): Suddenly my context menu commands show an "Unkown error" (translated) dialog. Tried it additionally with .md extension and Windows Editor:

Action: Edit File Editor
Type: Run an application
Application: "%windir%\system32\notepad.exe" %1

Any ideas?

Many thanks and greetings

What happens if you run %windir%\system32\notepad.exe from a Command Prompt in Windows?

Please paste a screenshot of the error dialog so we can see exactly what it looks like and says.

Hello Leo,

my problem is much more complex, that was just an example for testing. The reason of my problem is some kind of corrupt file extension. I want to delete that extension completly, but want to save my settings before. Where are the "Application" settings saved? Looked in the corresponding *.oxr-file in folder FileTypes without success. And when I copy something in the File Type dialog the clipboard contains binary data, right? Not XML like e. g. buttons?

Many thanks and greetings

Everything Opus-specific is under /dopusdata/FileTypes, which it sounds like you've already found.

The rest is normal Windows registry filetype data, and not specific to Opus.

Updating Opus would not corrupt a filetype. Do you still think the problem was caused by the update? It sounds like things have changed a bit since the first post.