Context menu crash on one of two screens

I have a weird issue. I have two screens on onen new pc. if Dopus is on the left (second screen) the context menu opens fine. On the right (primary screen) dopus crashes - blue circle goes round and round and I need to close the lister to clear it. the lister in the other screen is unaffected.

i'm running Nod32 antivirus which i know can be an issue reading forum and have disabled context menu with no apparent change.
Also dropbox
Google drive
Windows 11

i have a log file but can't seem to upload it.


have realised that the hang only occurs with folders right clicked not with single files - so the screen doesn't make a difference - will hang on both with a folder right click

Crashes right-clicking on files/folders are almost always caused by third-party extensions that add items to the menus.

Here's how to track down the one causing the problem:

these two screenshots are what i have. do they mean anything to you?


The last line before it crashes is usually the important one. Is that in the screenshots?

i took the painful decision to reinstall windows (was a new computer anyway) and this has solved the problem so pleased to see that :slight_smile:
thanks for the help.