Context Menu Doesn't Work on Zip Files located on desktop

Hi, I'm not sure whether this problem has been posted before, but I can't use the context menu on zip files when the file is located on the desktop.

I usually download files to the desktop for easy finding. If I have a zip file on the desktop and use opus to navigate to the desktop and try to use the right click context menus on the zip file nothing happens; no menu.

Double clicking the file lists the contents in a new lister, but no context menu.

This only seems to affect zip files. Images, music, docs all seem to work correctly.


Go to /desktopdir instead of /desktop.

/desktopdir is the real directory which contains your desktop files.

/desktop is a virtual folder which merges the contents of /desktopdir with the contents of the similar directory for All Users, as well as some icons which don't really physically exist (like the Recycle Bin).

Virtual folders are handled by Explorer (within Opus) and thus do not support any Opus-only context menus.

Alternatively, you may be able to make the context menu work in a way which is supported in both Explorer and Opus, but if it's just for the Desktop then using /desktopdir is usually preferable and easier.

Thanks for that, it now works as expected. My problem was I had a button setup that used the Go /desktop command. Now changed this to Go /desktopdir.