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I installed a program that added context menu items when you select the file type and right click on the Explorer app but they are not on Dopus? how can I make Dopus how these context menu items?

Do they appear if you hold shift when you right click?

Are they in right-click menus in other software? For example, open Notepad, then File > Open and right-click something.

What is the program’s website?

Hi Leo. Thanks for responding. They do not appear if I hold the shift key down and right click. The file that has the context associated is not a widely known file type. The context menu options will only appear if you right click on the file in a file manager so I can't tell if they appear in any other app.

A company named "Crestron" sells A/V control systems and touch panels to control complex audio visual systems. When you compile a touch panel file it creates a file with a .vtz extension. A system may have more than one touch panel so when you right click on the vtz file it gives you options to open up to 4 what are called xpanels. xpanels are virtual panels that open on the desktop so you can test the system that the physical touch panels control without having to have the physical touch panel. It's a must for developing these systems because having to purchase physical touch panels would be cost prohibitive!

Anyway, these context menu options appear in the Explorer app but not in DOPUS on my work laptop. See the attached screen shots. I tried loading DOPUS and the app on my personal Surface Pro tablet and the the context menu options are there. So, it has something to do with my work laptop.

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled DOPUS and reinstalled the app that creates the context menu options on my work laptop. Are there any registry settings that I can check and change if needed? I appreciate any help or suggestions!


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Update. I was wrong. If I go into Notpad or other apps and do a File Open and right click on a vtz file the options are there in the context menu.

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Could you please send us some diagnostic output so we can investigate this further?

Please go to Settings / File Types, click the File menu and choose the Diagnostic command. Select the Files with extension option and enter VTZ as the filetype, then click OK.

It will create a file on your desktop called containing information about the filetype.