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Context menu icon size



I don’t see an option to set context menu icon size, I’m talking about files/folder custom context menu entries.
Am I missing something? If not, is there a plan to implement such an option in the future? Got a problem with my eyes, can’t see small icons clearly.
Also, I have user-defined command that link to applications “EXE”, can’t use them as icon source, would be nice to be able to do so.





Context menu icons use the system icon size, the same as standard menus, icons in Details mode (both Opus and Explorer), window titlebars, and so on.

You can make it larger by increasing the Windows DPI setting. That will increase the size of most icons, fonts and so on. (Note that the Opus 12 public beta will work better than Opus 11 when Windows is set to use a higher DPI.)


Solved it, using a 32x32 icon works fine.


This may be of interest for anyone finding this thread: