Context Menu Icons not showing for some functions

Hi Jon,

It seems like 'some' internal functions are not allowing icons to be shown when added in a context menu.

For instance: FileType CONTEXTMENU {7A0B5906-6671-42FE-B404-6247FC57770B} CONTEXTFORCE does not show the assigned icon in the menu, whereas: Clipboard COPYNAMES=unc does. Sub-menu context items also DO show the icons ok, so far the only command I see not showing the icons is the FileType CONTEXTMENU command.

The thing is, the Filetype CONTEXTMENU command is a dynamic command. You never actually see that command entry itself - it is replaced by something else, in this case, any context menu entries added by the specified handler. So what you will see are the icons (if any) added by that handler.

Ah... well darn. Was hoping to be able to 'fix' the extension handlers for my apps which don't show any icon. Oh well. Thanks for the reply.