Context menu "include in library"

I created a context menu entry for all files and folders using the command " Copy INCLUDEINLIBRARY"
My problem now is, whenever I add some folder to any library, it opens said folder. Can I somehow mute this command to perform it silently? Just so that I will not have to navigate back every time I add some folder to any library.

The copy command shouldn't cause a navigation.

Is the folder change in reaction to right-clicking the folder or some other event/command, rather than the copy command itself?

It is definitely a reaction to clicking a specific library from that menu - I just checked again and I missed that I also have another entry concerning libraries in there: I was trying to force the original one from windows into the right click menu but deleting this entry did not fix it. The navigation goes directly to that specific library.
Where else could I look for the mistake? I am sure I messed something up, only dont know where I could look....

Oh, my confusion, Copy INCLUDEINLIBRARY does navigate to the library afterwards. I was thinking of collections rather than libraries.

Do you really want that command on All Files and Folders? It doesn't actually work on files, as you can't add a file to a library at all (you can only copy it to one of the folders that is in the library).

Adding folders to libraries is typically a very rare occurrence (and makes everything below that folder appear in the library), and I think the navigation happens afterwards so you can confirm what you expected to happen is correct.

If you run the command on a file, it simple adds the file's parent folder to the library, which probably isn't what you want.

Uhm, well, I wanted it at least on folders, that makes sense, doesnt it? So how can I replicate the behaviour of the collections (there the context menu entries work just fine) just for the libraries? Impossible?

I don't think it's possible at the moment, sorry. At least, I couldn't work out a way.

Is there any other way I can get explorer's "add to library" feature in Dopus? If not, I can scratch using libraries altogether.

Is it just the navigation that's the problem?

Yes, it opens up a new tab with the focus on it each time I try to add a folder to a library; with file collections it works flawlessly though. I am looking for any way to add folders to libs, no matter if drop down menu, button, context menu entry. Just any solution would be fine.

You can do this using the noread keyword.

For example,



Copy INCLUDEINLIBRARY=noread:Pictures

Awesome, that does it! Many thanks.
Uhm, I just found out I need another command that I could not find in the manual, that'd be remove from library - is that possible too?

Not currently, once a folder is included in a library the only way to remove it is through the library's Properties dialog.

Okay, thanks for the reply.
On the windows context menu (in Dopus) there is also this option missing, but I found that very command on the context menu via the explorer tree - this way is enough for me; I do not have to leave Dopus if I need to remove something from the libs, and this is good enough :slight_smile: