Context Menu - J.River Media Center

I recently upgraded DOpus 10 to 11.17 x64. Since then one of my context menu items does not work. I use J.River Media Center and rely on their context menu to add files. The menu items shows up on the right click but it doesn't load the files, or even start the program. The same context menu works fine in Windows File Explorer.

I tried disabling shell integration in Media Center and then re-enabling but that didn't help. This same menu worked fine in DOpus 10. I have DOpus set to replace Explorer for all system folders. All other context menu options work fine. I tried loading media files into Mp3Tag via context menu and that worked flawlessly. Only J.River Media Center isn't working.

This is most likely a bug in the J.River Media Center shell extension. It also crashes inside of Notepad.

I'm not sure I understand the logic of this. J.River's shell extension works fine in Windows File Explorer. It works fine in DOpus 10.x. It works fine in Total Commander. The only shell it doesn't work in is this latest version of DOpus. If the shell extension works fine in Windows Explorer but not a 3rd party shell then I would think the problem would be with that 3rd party shell. If J.River's context menu is flawed then how can Window's Explorer handle it but DOpus can't?

Something had to have changed in DOpus between 10.x and 11.x. Everything worked well until I upgraded.

You've missed the detail that the extension sometimes does nothing or crashes within Notepad, not just Opus.

Their code has a bug in it, and sometimes either crashes or does nothing.

We don't know what the trigger is, but the fact it happens in Notepad's File Open dialog implies the fault is entirely within J.River's code and not something Opus is doing.

You need to complain to J.River, as we can't fix their code.