Context Menu: Rename REGEXP PATTERN "......" TO \1\\\0 - How to store on a different drive?

I have a context menu item that stores files into folders named after file name. It uses regex to do so and creates a subfolder within same folder where the file resides (parent folder). It works fine.

Another context menu item asks for the folder name, whilst showing the file name and will create a folder there where I drag and drop the file to.
Copy MOVE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstringS|Name of Folder to move to...|{file$|noext}}"
In this case I manually need to remove parts from the filename, whereas the regex ignores those parts.
Hence, the regex 'solution' can be used on multiple files simultaneously.

So, the regex will create a sub folder within the parent folder (because \1\\0), whereas the 2nd method will create a folder where the file is dragged to, i.e. different drive or folder, but need some manual adjustments.

Q: Is there a way to accomplish the 2nd method whilst using using regex?
i.e. allow storing into another folder.


Seems like there are some details missing here. There are no regexps in your post but it talks about using regexps.

FWIW this is the regex
Rename REGEXP PATTERN "(.*?(?:[-\s](?:19|20)\d\d)?)((?:[-\s]\d[-\s\d]*?\.\w+))$" TO \1\\\0

note: regretfully I have not yet a solution for files that have no date-time stamp. Not sure there is, within the same regex.

If you’re using Rename, the New Name field/pattern can be a full path if you want to move the files to another drive.

The above screenshot was only to show what it does. The regex is added to the context menu.
Maybe, what I am asking simply isn't possible.

I'd like to have it working the same way as the copy move context menu item, i.e. flexibility as to where the subfolder should be created.

Why not use Rename for the second command as well, instead of Copy MOVE CREATEFOLDER ?