Context menu suddenly lost winrar context menu


just opened opus today and suddenly the right-click context menu has disappeared for winrar.... its something i use a lot : right clicking a folder and doing 'add to archive', dating it then creating a quick backup of my working folder...

also when i right click on a rar file no context menu there either.

tried turning the context menus off then on within winrar but with no luck.

any suggestions how i might get them back?

all other context menus seem ok.

many thanks

Under Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced, is there anything listed for the ignore_context_menus setting?

If so the WinRAR context menu handler may have crashed for some reason and been added to the ignore list. Removing it from the ignore list should bring it back.

If there's nothing there then this thread may help instead:

[Problem with RAR extract context/drag&drop menus)

spot on :slight_smile:

there was a registry type entry in the ignore list... removed that and all back to normal...

many thanks