Context menus submenus appear top-left (PowerToys FancyZones)

Hello, from some time to now, whenever I try navigating a context menu triggered by the right button click on DOpus, any submenus will appear sticked to the top left corner of the current DOpus window, which makes it almost impossible to use.

Same happens for DOpus menus "View", "Folder" and "Lister" - but on these, the very first menu appears already sticked to the top left. On regular context menus triggered on files or folders, only sub context menus appear sticked to the top left.

I've just installed the latest beta (v12.27.1) and the problem persists.

Any ideas on what might be happening or how to fix this?

We don't have any similar reports.

Do you have anything installed which modifies where windows open on the screen, which screen they open on, or makes things on-top or similar?

If you're on a multi-monitor system, are all the screens at the same DPIs, or have the DPIs changed since you booted the machine?

Does changing Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mixed_dpi_mitigations from Automatic to True or False make any difference?

I indeed typically use multiple monitors with different DPIs. But I just attempted disconnecting all monitors and restarting dopus (including its associated services) and unfortunately it did not work. Changing the mixed_dpi_mitigations setting also did not work.

However, your questions about software that changes where windows open was a good one. I indeed do use Microsoft's PowerToys (so I can have virtual areas on my desktop and my windows can snap to these virtual areas). Closing that software makes Directory Opus work as intended, while my context menus stick to the top left when PowerToys is open. This seem specific to their FancyZones module, as disabling that alone also solves the issue (but unfortunately that's the one module I heavily rely on to work).

Is this something you could help debug/understand or should I report a bug to them instead? Thanks, any help is appreciated!

I would report it to them. All we really do is open a window. If they are moving that window then it's their problem to solve.

Just to help any others that might suffer from this issue: Just found out that disabling "Move newly created window to their last known zone" on FancyZones solves the wrong context menu position issue.

It seems to affect other software as well, including MS Edge:

In case other people want to follow the Opus-specific issue: