Control Panel items open a blank Opus window

My Win7 SP1 start menu is set to list the items in the Control Panel in a list window. When I choose one of the Control Panel items such as System, Opus opens a new window that is empty. If I drill down to C:\Windows\System32\sysdm.cpl and double click, the System Property window opens as expected. I have set Opus to replace Windows Explorer. I uninstalled Opus 12 and selected Control Panel from the start menu, and then clicked on System, and it opens as expected. When I reinstalled Opus 12, and click on System, again I get a blank window.

What should I change to allow the control panel programs to open properly with Opus 12 installed?


Which Explorer Replacement mode is selected?

And if you open Help > About and click Copy, what are the full version details put into the clipboard, including the second line with OS version details?