Convert CR2 -> JPG very long


I use DO9 on vista 32 SP2.

I was on DO 9.1.2 and convert CR2 to JPG (tools>convert...). This tool was very fast, the colors were identical to thumbnails.

3 days ago, I updated to 9.2.0 and then 9.2.2 now. But the "convert" tools is now very slow and the colors are very different to thumbnails.

Can you explain how to speed up the tool as before, and how to manage the color to remain identical to thumbnails?

Thanks a lot.

The new Raw plugin defaults to doing a slow, high-quality decode for the image converter now.

You can tell it not to via Settings -> Preferences / Plugins / Viewers, select the Raw Digital Camera plugin and click Configure...

Then set the Raw Image Converter page to be the same as the thumbnails or viewers page, depending on what you want.

Note that using the Fast Preview decode usually just grabs the embedded JPEG that the camera writes into the raw file.

If you're always converting to JPEG via the Fast Preview then there usually isn't much point of using Raw at all. (Though it doesn't hurt to have raw copies of photos just-in-case they're needed, I guess.)

OK thanks, I'll try at home.

And thanks for your help about RAW/JPEG :wink:
I use the Convert tool to get quick JPEG with standard quality. For better, I use Adobe Lightroom.

Ah, fair enough. :slight_smile: