Convert folder with dBpoweramp

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I'm a new user of Dopus and I love your software. I'm a musician and I convert a lot of files to prepare my mix.

I using the dBpoweramp software for converting music. I've search some CLI way to convert my files. The dev of dBpoweramp say we need to make loops to parse file in the converter

The idea is to use this 'Help about CLI encoding' with a button on Dopus with a Folder with all my WAV/FLAC files and to encoding all the files in the folder in MP3.

I'm really not a dev, I read the docs (incredibles doc btw) but I'm a little scared and lost lol. I prefer using dBpoweramp than lame because lame can't parse flac files.

Can you give me some idea to begin a script or a button making something like this ?

Choose a folder > Parse all the WAV or FLAC files into "C:\Program Files\dBpoweramp\CoreConverter.exe" > Making a folder with the same original name but adding at the end (MP3 320) at the end of the new folder.

Thanks a lot and thanks again for this wonderful soft :heart:

Here are some solutions from this forum using lame-standard: Audiotools

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Incredible script ! Gonna check it :slight_smile: thanks