Convert image .jpeg to .jpg doesn't work


The convert image function from .jpeg to .jpg suddenly stopped working in DOpus 11.1 Beta 2. I was able to convert a .bmp file though. All other functions like rotate, browse and resize also work as they should.

Anyone else seeing this?

The image converter will preserve the input extension, so .jpeg in means .jpeg out, and .jpg in means .jpg out.

To change the file extension, use rename instead of image conversion.

This did change, though, didnt it? I use this a lot, because foobar needs the .jpg extention to show album artwork. When I used the convert function, the .jpg file used to turn out larger in size than the original .jpeg. That doesn t happen when you rename the file.

It did change, but not in Opus 11.1 Beta 2.

Why would you want the converted JPEG to be larger than the original input file? The quality cannot be increased when re-compressing a JPEG image, so that's just wasting space at best. Renaming the file makes more sense even if the image converter forced the .JPG extension to be used like it did in the past.