Copy and paste folders only?

I want to copy a paste a bunch of folders and subfolders, but I want the files to stay behind.

This post might be of use : [Empty dirs are not copied!)

How do I find that filter window.

I know, dumb question.

You can get to it by opening Preferences and typing Filters in the 'Filter' field in the bottom left corner of the Prefs window...

The 'Filters' specific portion of the Prefs dialog will also 'pop-up' if you perform any copy or move operation while the Settings->Copy Filter menu option is enabled...

The filters are also the same as those in the Find (Advanced) panel. I often open the Find panel just to edit a filter that's used for something else as it's convenient (1-click to open it) and unlike Preferences you can resize the window.

You can also use the command Prefs PAGE=filters from a button/hotkey/etc... But like Leo said, his way let's you resize the window (friggin over-achiever :astonished:)