Copy and Replace

In Windows 7 when you copy/move a file and the file already exists in the destination folder, you get the option to replace the file in the destination folder.

If the files have different sizes and dates then Explorer gives you information on which file is 'smaller/larger' and 'older/newer'. (See attachment)

In Dopus 9 you get the same information but only with bold text.

Is it possible to have Dopus 9 or future versions of Dopus display the 'smaller/larger' and 'older/newer' info when transferring files?

Opus currently doesn't do this, but you could always file a feature request with GPsoftware to have it added in a future version.

I use a different approach to situations like this. Rather than relying on what a dialog box reports, I have different Opus copy buttons set up that do what I want with or without the dialogs. For example, only copy files that are new or newer. Or only copy files that already exist. Or only copy files that are of different sizes. Or copy and automatically rename any new or old existing files. And so on.

I looked at the COPY section of this page, ... mmands.htm
but I don't see how I could tell DOpus to automatically REPLACE SMALLER FILE WITH LARGER when I'm doing a copy and replace function.
Is that functionality really there?


I too would like the option to automatically replace x with y if x is (smaller/larger). I use this when copying PDF files that have been optimized to smaller file sizes to save disk space.

Can DOpus do this?


The request in the root post was implemented, as Opus now indicates the larger/smaller (and newer/older) files with an icon, so you don't have to manually compare the sizes/dates.

There are built-in ways to copy files whose sizes are different but if you need to only copy larger/smaller files, I think you'd need to use a script to filter out the list of selected files by comparing the source/dest sizes. The scripting support in Opus 11 should let you do that, but it won't be as simple as adding an argument to a command.