Copy any file types and create original folder names

if i do a search for say *.jpg to find all the .jpg files... Then get Opus to copy all the .Jpg ... can i get Dopus to create the parent folder so the copied files end up in correct folder in the destination Lister (original folder names ) thank you

You could select the items of your find result and run this button, it recreates the items folder structure while copying them.


CreateFolder NAME="{destpath|noterm}\{filepath$|..|noroot|noterm}"
Copy FILE="{filepath$|noterm}" TO="{destpath|noterm}\{filepath$|..|noroot|noterm}"

thank you so much ... i hope one day i can get my head around making my own Scripps/buttons to do what i need ... i just need a place to start.. baby steps

I will get there .... i have no doubt about that

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