Copy archive=.7z,single HERE?

I want to select multiple files and generate a .7z of each single file - not .zip.

A copy archive=.7z,single HERE ? doesn't work. ... Any other idea?

After that I want to rename all created .7z files (should be selected) with timestamps which should be command:
Rename PATTERN="*.7z" TO="*_{modified|D#yyyyMMddTT#HHmmss}.*" AUTORENAME TYPE=files

You could use 7-zip directly and put everything in one command line:

"%programfiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "{filepath$|noext}_{date|yyyyMMdd}T{time|HHmmss}.7z" "{filepath$}"

The script here should do what you need, if you replace .ZIP with .7Z:

You could also modify it further to add the dates to the archive names and do everything in one go.