"Copy ARCHIVE=single HERE" and asking for compression settings

Hi there, in the settings you can choose the Standard compress-method for Zipfiles and also that you want to be asked for every new Zip-File vor "Decryption and Method Settings". As i want to put a lot of jpeg-Files into one zip-File i wanted to change it to "save (no compression).

But when i then used the Symbol for "Copy Archive Single Here" it use the Standard Compression. Even when i set "Ask me" in the settings he asked me after i hit the button but he did not use the choosen entry (save no compression).

Even a restart does not fix the problem.

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Copy ARCHIVE=single will create one zip per selected file (so one zip for each jpeg). Is that what you want to do, or all of the jpegs into one archive?

The option you mention is for when you copy things into existing archives, not when creating archives. From the docs on the Zip Files Preferences page:

Ask for encryption/compression settings when copying into Zip files: If this is turned on and you copy files to an existing Zip archive, Opus will prompt you for encryption and compression settings on the fly.

When creating archives, Opus will ask if you use variants of Copy ADDTOARCHIVE and will not ask if you use variants of Copy ARCHIVE. (More detail in the Copy command docs.)