Copy Archive to MTP device

I'm trying to add a context menu 'action' to zip the selected files/folders and then copy the resulting archive to a specific destination.

The following code works:

Copy ARCHIVE TO "d:\Some Directory"

But the following (attempting to copy the archive to my phone) does not:

Copy ARCHIVE TO "mtp://Nexus 4/Internal storage"

All I get is the individual files and folders being copied to my phone ie they aren't in an archive.

Any tips as to what I might be doing wrong?

Archiving direct to MTP is not possible - you'll need to make the archive in a local folder first and then copy it to the device separately.

Thanks Jon.

Would it then be possible to do something like this?

(somehow select the created archive)
Copy TO "mtp://Nexus 4/Internal storage"

ie all in one button?

Think I came up with something that mostly works:

Copy ARCHIVE=keepfolder HERE @firstfileonly Copy MOVE {file|noext}.zip TO "mtp://Nexus 4/Internal storage"