Copy Completed Notification?

Is there a setting to get a notification when a copy or move is completed? When copying only a couple files, there is no way to know if it completed without going to the destination directory and searching for the files. I'd like to get a pop-up or at least a completed audio sound each time I copy or move files. Thanks.

Have you tried the Progress Indicators, e.g. jobs bar (Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators)?

Yes. There is nothing for completed notifications.

You could modify your copy button:

Play FILE="C:\Windows\Media\Windows Notify.wav" QUIET

I would also like this feature.
Take the two scenarios 1) copy some smallish file, takes a short time, don't need to know when its done. 2) file progress says its going to be a long time in which case ONLY THEN will I decideI'd like to be notified when its completed.
I could add the @confirm:Done! to the copy command but then I'd get it every time.
I could create a new button just for copies I know I want to be notified about , but I don't always know UNTIL its copying that it will be slow
Given that the Unattended Operation checkbox is there in the copy dialog, it seems to me a perfect chance for me to click Unattended, and in the Unattended Error dialog, there could be a checkbox for 'Notify on completed'.
Yes I know it says its Unattended Errors, but you open that by clicking Unattended Operation, so just rename that dialog to Unattended Operation Options.