Copy "Created Date" for list of files?

Maybe DOPUS already can do this?
Trying to copy Item Data as text of selected files.
File Menu Tools is a program that allows right click options copy the Name and path of selected files.
Is there a way to select other info such as "Date Created, Dimensions, and Modified?


Have you tried Print FOLDER?

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~ Thank you, That is EXACTLY what I'd like to do.
I used the Filter with this: "*.cwp" but the result Lists every Folder and file in the folder anyway.
Only need the list: PROJECT NAME.cwp + Creation Date + size
How to do that?

Flat View Mixed No Folders
Filter *cwp
(don't use the ".")

Might be easier to use Tools > Find Files to find all the *.cwp files, then output the result.

With Print/Export Folder Listing when outputting to a file, I'd also recommend using the tab-separated or comma-separated formats so you don't have to worry about column sizes. Tools like Excel and Google Sheets can import them.