Copy date and empty folder tree

Likely it has been discussed many times, have vainly been searching for the solution (though many postings
involve copy folder folder structure, such as Recreate Empty Directory Structure)

I would like to have a context menu item that allows me to :
copy a folder including all its subfolders, including the contents of the selected folder and all its subfolders
to another location, BUT keeping/copying the entire tree (parent folders should remain empty)

"Folder" plús ALL contents of "Folder" + "For" +"Testing" + "Only" to be copied to another location
incl. empty parent folders (i.e. folders: this-is-a-temporary to remain empty).

This way, I know where specific folders came from and where they shd be restored in case of mess-up,
a fresh install, or whatever.

The Button "Recreate Folder" does not recreate empty parent folders.
(don't know if it is at all possible... though :wink: )


further to the below, the idea would be something like this

Don't know if this technically possible though..

Sofar have not found another application capable of doing this.


There are archival and backup utilities that can recreate folder trees/files like this. I'm not sure how this can be done in dopus w/out a generalized scripting mode outside the Rename dialog.

I would use either the "tar" or "rsync" utilities to perform this personally, but I realize you want to do this probably entirely from within dopus, so offer this only as a last means of help for you should this be a pressing need and you're not able to find a solution.

Turn on the Copy Filter, then drag and drop 'test2' into 'test' with the Control key held down. When the filter dialog pops up, set the filter to:

Type Match [Folders Only]

Opus has an option to store full paths when adding files to zip archives.

If you don't want to use zip then it'd probably take some scripting, or doing it using filters, or just storing a txt file with the original path... Depends what you're doing and why.

BTW, Jon's suggestion will not copy any files at all so I don't think it's what you want (unless you want to do it in two steps, first the dirs then thr files, but it'd still create a load of dirs in the patents that you don't want).

I was thinking the OP wanted leaf-node files from the copied folder (eg. file1-4) also included in the hierarchy?

Me too.

=My 'solution' wasn't good after all=

I don't think this does what you want, does it? I think you'll find you also get all the other files in subfolders of test2, right?

Yes, I realized this a little while later :frowning:

'My solution' copies all files in all subfolders, whereas I want all the files in 1 specific folder, but including the empty
path, so I know where those files belong to (e.g. you have .doc files in subfolders named after the subject)

Anyway - bad luck..

Hoped there would be a 'simple' trick within Directory Opus. I prefer that, rather than to install a backup program or
whatever other program.

There is a simple trick: Put the backups in a zip file and use the full-paths option.