Copy file structure only - Can it be done with the Light edition?

This thread is, I gather, the one which describes the best method to copy a file structure without the files.

It seems to me it uses features which are not available in the Light edition. Am I correct ? If so, is there a way to do this with the Light edition ?

I don't think it's possible, at least via any method I can think of. The method in the other thread uses a copy filter, which is only available in the Pro version.

Could be done with the XCOPY command:

xcopy {filepath$|noterm} {destpath}{file}\ /E /T

I think Opus Pro is needed to create this button, but assuming you are not creating folder structures everyday you can just type the command in a regular DOS prompt. And if you are: get the Pro version :wink:

Indeed, I'm not doing it everyday. Once a year, maybe.

I did try xcopy, but I can't make it work either.

What is the following ?

I haven't seen that in any of the xcopy how-to's I tried.

What does noterm mean ? Could you by any chance point me to a simple and starting-from-basics xcopy tutorial, one made for dunces and cmd-haters ?

Don't worry about the button, have a look at the link I posted or call the help via xcopy /? on the command line.

Actually, just write a little batch file. That's easier to edit and you can store it until next year :slight_smile:

It could look like this:

xcopy D:\MySourceFolder D:\TheTargetFolder /E /T

This will recreate the folders in MySourceFolder in TheTargetFolder.

xc.bat.txt (55 Bytes)

Thank you very much. I had not noticed your xcopy link. It gave me the explanation for the weird "insufficient memory" error I encountered while battling with the thing.