Copy file to six network computers?

Trying to program a raw copy command. I'm really a beginner as I can't even figure out how to say "copy the selected file to \SUE2008\Public\DAVID\zToRun"

(I assume if I can figure that out, then I just have to add 5 other lines to copy the file to the other 5 computers.)

[what I actually need to accomplish is to export a selected file to an application data folder on 6 remote computers, but those folders aren't accessible directly over the network. So I got to somehow execute another command on each remote computer to move the file to where it needs to be.

Maybe someone knows of an easier way to do these kind of things. Maybe someone has created a utility that makes this adminisrative task much easier.]

This should be all you need:

Copy TO "\SUE2008\Public\DAVID\zToRun"

Wanted to let everyone know I found a nifty program Horodruin which I can set up to compare a folder on six different computers, and it does the rest updating and synchronizing the six folders. It figures out which are the most recent files and propagates them around. ... odruin.htm