Copy files in ID3 order


My problem is the following and I'm hoping someone from the DOpus community can come up with a solution:

My Car Stereo plays MP3s from CD or USB-Stick, but uses the order in which the tracks were burned/copied onto the medium. I want (of course) the correct track order to be played.
All my MP3s are completely tagged and named, renaming just to get the copy-order right is not an option. Example of my folder structure:

Band 1 - Album 1
Band 1 - Trackname 1.mp3
Band 1 - Trackname 2.mp3
Band 1 - Album 2
Band 26 - Album ...

I can copy one folder at a time in the correct order by selecting sorting by the tracknumber-column, but this is quite a task when copying a lot of tracks.

I'm hoping that there is some kind of macro which allows me to select all the albums I want to copy, sorts them recursively by track order and copies them to the target medium. Is this possible with DOpus?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have the same problem. The only solution I found was to use a different burning program - I use Easy CD Creator. Some people suggest renaming the files so that they start with numbers but I found my car player didn't cope with that.

There is a small utility which rearranges the order on a USB key but I can't remember the name of it atm.

I'm not sure if it'll work or not but have you tried using Flat-View in Opus?

Or using a File Collection made by searching for the files you want?

In both cases you can add the columns you want to sort by to get the complete list of files in the desired order. (You can ctrl-click columns to sort by multiple columns at once.) It's just a question of whether or not the files will still be burned in the order shown.

Thats the problem leo, it's down to the burning program as to whether it decides to burn them in the right order onto the disc.

I figure if changing the sort-order in a single folder works then the burning program must be using the order that Opus passes it when the files are dragged & dropped, so that might also work in flat-view mode.

Not sure if the order shown is always the order the files in the drag & drop data object are in, though.

The order of the files listed in ImgBurn don't match the order of the burned data for example.

Thanks to leo for the tip, Flat View is the solution for me; it works perfectly for copying to USB-sticks:

  • Open up DOpus in commander-mode

  • On the source pane use Details/Flat View Grouped

  • Show column tracknumber and sort it
    => all tracks are grouped by folder and sorted by tracknumber

  • Select only the tracks to copy, not the album folder

  • Click copy and in the upcoming dialog click on "restore folder structure" (the left button; I don't know the exact translation into English, I'm using the German locale)
    => voila, all files are copied in track order

When burning onto CD, I think Nero or EasyCDCreator let you burn in track order, but using USB-sticks is easier for me.