Copy folder formats for another folder


the following problem I encountered lately:

I have defined a folder format for folder A. Now I want to have exactly the same format also for folder B. How do I do that?

I found a context menu with "Copy" in Preferences -> Folders -> Folder Format. But when I use "Paste" nothing happens! What am I missing?


Copy & Paste in the right-click menu from the Folder Formats list is the way to do it... Not sure why it isn't working for you though.

Are they the same type of format (i.e. in the same group of the formats list)? (AFAIK they don't have to be but that might explain it.)

Have you edited the format after pasting over it to see if the settings actually changed? If the format changes in Preferences but doesn't seem to take effect then it may just mean you need to close your existing listers and re-open them to avoid cached formats being used instead. Or it could be content-type formats, or inherited columns are confusing matters. (Both are talked about in the Folder Formats FAQ if you need a refresher.)

Hi leo,

thanks for the quick reply.

At least I was in the right place :wink:

But Your phrase "pasting over it" made me click :bulb:

First I have to create a dummy folder format for B and then paste the format from A "over it" and ... tada ... it worked :smiley:

Somehow I expected DOpus to create a duplicate for which I could modify the path.

While experimenting around a new idea came into my mind.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could link two folder formats to keep them identical?

Why would you want this?

Here is my reason: I store my media files on drive D: but have hardlinks for them in the My Documents folder for Music, Pictures, Videos and so on.

Basically they are the same but for Windows and DOpus these are still separate places. This is why I wanted to copy a folder format. But now I have two formats for the same files/folders :frowning:

Can this be done?