Copy folder from one location to another without Modified date changin

I would like to copy some folders containing Word documents to a flash drive without the Modified date automatically changing to the current date. I'm cleaning up folders, and the modified date helps me find "old" folders.

Make sure Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes / Preserve the timestamps of copied files is turned on.

Preserve the timestamps of copied files is turned on.
Preserve the attributes of copied files is also turned on.

Last answer may not be clear. They were turned on before my post, so still have the problem.

What happens if you copy a file to the flash drive with Explorer?

Thanks. Using Explorer to copy folders from Documents to a flash drive works ok; I tried again using DOpus, and was successful. Really don't know what happened earlier.

Were you adding files to existing folders, rather than creating new folders that didn't exist before? That can result in different behavior.

(It may also depend on the filesystem the destination device is using.)

I was creating new folders, but tried adding a file to an existing folder. I no longer have that problem. I'm stumped! Fortunately, the problem disappeared. I was copying Word documents.

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