Copy from zip with flat mode 'recreate folder structure' not working

To reproduce:

  • Browse inside a subfolder of a zip archive, that has some more folders and files inside it, e.g. go to where a contains folders b and c with files in them
  • Turn on flat view grouped
  • mark some files in subfolders, e.g. mark b/test1.bmp and c/test2.bmp
  • copy to somewhere else on the hd
  • answer the requester with "recreate folder structure"

The files are copied alright, but the recreated folder structure is not correct. The parent folders are also recreated.

Expected result:
in destination

Actual result:
in destination

This only happens when copying from inside an archive.

EDIT: Tested on v. 12.8. If this was already fixed with 12.9, please ignore.

Thanks for the report! This will be fixed in the next update.