Copy jpg image into pdf quickly

I would like to create a button that will quickly import image into pdf documents.

Currently, I take pictures (2048x1536) with my digital camera, and convert them into 640x480 size before importing them into pdf documents using Acrobat's Stamp Tool. (ps: the original 2048x1536 image will make the final pdf file size too big for my taste).

Then, I need to open the converted image in Opus image viewer, and select "Copy All" to put the image into the clipboard before I can use the Acrobat Stamp Tool. (ps: a simply "Copy" would not put the image into the clipboard.)

Can I create a button that will perform the resize and put the image into the clipboard at the same time ? I don't need to retain a copy of the resized 640x480 image.

Even better yet, is there a way to simply drag and drop the image into a pdf document ? or that is more of an Acrobat thing ? (Right now, dragging an image into Acrobat will open up a new pdf document, instead of adding the image into the existing pdf document)

I don't think there's a way to put the image into the clipboard. It's easy enough to create a button to perform the resize alone though.


With drag and drop the action performed is determined by the receiver of the file rather than the giver...

As a very small time-saver, you don't have to select-all before copying the image. If nothing is selected then Ctrl-C (or the menu item) in the viewer will copy the whole image.