Copy move button

hi to all again. i come back with a more simple question i think. i looked and tried maybe a hundred of different solutions in raw command and i can't figure how to :

in the same button:

1 : create a folder named best in the source liste(wait 1 second, that's not the problem)

2 : select all the files in the source list , but the folder best (wait still 1 second, it's still not the problem)

3 : move (still not the prob) ALL SELECTED FILES OF THE SOURCE LISTER TO THE FOLDER BEST (and that's my problem)

sure it must be possible , but how ?


CreateFolder best
Copy MOVE TO .\best

Thank's Jon it works fine. not to die stupid, where can i find in the doc the explanation for ~(best) ?

It's in the appendix on pattern matching at the back of the manual.