Copy/Move dialog button focus changes to 'Skip' when

When the copy/move dialog initially opens the 'Pause' button is focused. This is a good thing in case one were to accidentally hit the space bar, the operation would simply be paused. But if 'Skip' or 'Abort' were focused instead when the space bar was hit... Well, you get the idea.

  1. Start a decent size copy operation
  2. Hit tab until Pause button is focused
  3. Minimize and restore copy/move dialog by clicking it's button twice from jobs panel
  4. Repeat Step 3 several times
  5. Observe, the 'Skip' button is now in focus/highlighted

Out of all the buttons skip is the worst one to accidentally hit space bar on, especially for large copy/moves. You may never know it was done, whereas the pause and abort you would know.

There is a blue colored outline for focus and the dotted rectangle indicator (see video). I was a bit wrong with the steps in my OP but there does seem to be a graphical glitch and focus funk. Once the dialog is restored the Skip button will have the dotted rectangle and the last focused button (Pause) will have the blue outline. But will be corrected once the window loses and regains focus. At the end of video there is no blue outline anywhere, just the dotted rectangle.

Additional info:

I can't reproduce that. Focus stays on the button that had it for me, as I'd expect.

Also, Pause should not be focused when the dialog first opens. None of the buttons should be. (Focus is initially given to an off-screen button, so that pushing space doesn't do anything without intentionally moving focus to one of the visible buttons first.)

Is it definitely focused and not just a difference of which buttons are enabled/disabled?

My mistake about the Pause button being initially focused... I'm in the middle of a large copy and don't want to do too much testing ATM. Maybe third party software is the culprit (wouldn't be the first time). Will test that later.

Yes definitely focused because hitting tab changes the focus/highlight to the next button.

Additional info added to my first post.

Slightly altered the steps again in my first post.

I've restarted DOpus after a 30+ hour copy operation and now the copy dialog only shows the blue outline no dotted rectangle like in the video above. Could it be since the copy operation was so long and had so many queues that it entered some strange state that showed the two different focus indicators at once? Still is shifting the focus to the Skip button as layed out in steps in first post.

About 45 minutes into another copy operation and the dotted rectangle has reappeared alongside the blue outline.

Something changes in the dialog to cause second indicator to appear. Aside from the regular updating of the graph and speed etc. There is the change to a next queue if one exists. Also the animals.


Just a thought but probably not the cause. Maybe when the animals run across the progress bar or a next queue is started, can cause something that makes the second focus indicator to appear, if the window is minimized?

I haven't tested but I think maybe if the copy dialog is never minimized the dotted rectangle will never appear.

Might be when the next queued job starts. It wonā€™t be the animals. :slight_smile:

We've made a change for the next beta which should avoid giving the bottom buttons focus when the queued job changes.

The one issue I originally reported morphed into two.

  1. Shifting focus to Skip button
  2. Dual focus indicators

The changed you've made may only fix #2. Still need to figure out #1 because this happens right off the bat, everytime (not during transition of queue). I'm going to guess and say some setting is the reason you can't reproduce it.

Process of elimination:
Minimize from taskbar
Restore from taskbar
= No focus shifting button :+1:

Minimize from jobs bar
Restore from taskbar
= No focus shifting button :+1:

Minimize from copy dialog minimize button
Restore from taskbar
= No focus shifting button :+1:

Minimize from jobs bar
Restore from jobs bar
= Focus shifting button :-1:

Minimize from copy dialog minimize button
Restore from jobs bar
= Focus shifting button :-1:

With the information above, it's likely the problem resides in the code that's responsible for restoring the dialog from the jobs bar. But not when being minimized from jobs bar.

Also the skip button is really in focus after one minimize and restore cycle. Just doesn't indicate it with dotted rectangle or blue outline (see video below).

Steps happening in the video below:

  1. Make sure a button other than skip is focused (Pause)
  2. Minimize and restore from jobs bar (notice blue outline still on Pause after restore)
  3. Press and hold space bar and see the Skip button pressed (keep holding space)
  4. Click and hold the Skip button with LMB and release space bar (keep holding mouse button)
  5. Drag the mouse pointer off Skip button and release LMB

It should fix #1. Once we release the fix, let us know if there's still an issue.

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13.0.51 beta did not fix the focus shifting button (#1).

Also, did not fix the Dual focus indicators (#2).

I can't reproduce either remaining issue so far.

Do you have any tools installed that rearrange or modify other programs' windows? A lot of those tools get very confused by our progress dialog's unusual thread/owner/z-order behavior, which can result in really odd behavior (e.g. the dialogs being invisible).

I do have such tools but closing them down didn't make a difference. I also tested this on another machine with new install of v13 and the focus shifting button (#1) is there too.

Does the other machine have those tools as well, or are those only on one? Sometimes the hooks are still active even if the thing that responds to them is closed down, so they might still be relevant (although it is definitely less likely).

Edit: It may also depend on the settings under...

  • Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators
    and the pages below (Counting Files, Jobs Bar).

To avoid any lingering message hooks I disabled the tools from starting with windows and rebooted. I tried resetting the pref pages you mentioned and testing with different settings. Still the button shifts focus.


Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators
Hide from taskbar when jobs bar is visible

This is causing the shifting to be triggered. When checked the shifting stops.