Copy/Move files from many subfolders to new folder

Hi - I am currently converting 1-2000 image files from a nice orderly folder/subfolder structure to a single folder, where I then have to rename the file extensions (from jpg to frm) so they can be imported into onOne Photoframe. It's darned tedious going through each folder individually. (God bless convert to destination folder!!)

Can someone tell me if it's possible to select the parent folder and do all files in the directory structure in one hit? I have had to go through this painful process once before when iTunes hijacked my Music folder and put everything into folders based on the artist name, so I'm sure there are other out there who'd find this handy too. The necessary commands for a button would be SO appreciated.


You can either do a Find on the parent folder, or turn on Flat View (Mixed, No Folders) to get a list of all the files below that folder. Then just select them all and do what you were doing before.

Doh. Cheers, Leo!