Copy-Move Operations- Total progress not shown?

Greetings Leo and cohorts,

I'm sure the answer is trivial and I'll expose myself yet again as a dullard, but I promise I have searched the forum and can't find the answer:

In the dialog showing the progress of a current copy/move job, I don't see anything indicating total progress. See screenshot below.

On the top bar I see the percent copied, moved (which doesn't seem to reflect total progress; for example, right now it says 50% for a copy operation in which about 18 of 23 GB have been copied).

Below that I see Current Item, Current [sizes], All items [elapsed time only], Peak and Average. None seems pertinent to the total.

What on earth am I missing? Surely something is absent from my procedure. Thanks as always for your superb help.

P.S. KUDOS: I have worked in software development for years and am convinced Opus is the ne plus ultra of development excellence, responsiveness, and responsibility. No app I know of can compare, whether corporate or consumer.

I'm excited about the new features in 12 and demoed it all of about 13 minutes before buying. Thank you, Leo, for your enormous contribution to the computing lives of so many.

Thanks and blessings,

Total progress is indicated by the "All items" display and progress bar. However, if you have the Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators / Count files in folders before copying option turned off, Opus doesn't know how many files there are inside any folders and so isn't able to give an accurate overall progress indication - instead, the "All items" status will be based on the number of top-level items only.

Of course! Thank so much, Jon. Knew it'd be simple ...

Pardon a further question. In this file copy job, for example, am I right in supposing that under All Items there's no display of file size copied / total file size? I see the file counts, along with the peak and average transfer speeds, but not the size.

I assume this is by design? Would it be feasible to add the sizes? They'd be more useful, IMO, than the file counts. Thanks!

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There's no space in the current design to show both.

As an experiment a few betas back it used to alternate between number of items and total size, but people complained about it so we took it out again.

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Thanks for the great info, Jon! I'm a little surprised - since files can be of such vastly different sizes, I'd think their count would be much less informative than total size. But sounds like the public has spoken! If it ever comes up again, register my vote for total size. Meanwhile, I appreciate the resolution of my question. You folks are the best. Heck, take the rest of Saturday off!

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As a feature request, could the size copied / total file size be an available option where the user has to check a box in settings to enable it to display?

We may add that in the future, since a few people have asked now.

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Add my vote for that feature. Combined file size would be much more helpful than total file count.