Copy/past from Xiaomi Mi9t to the hardrive is very buged!


It works for 2 or 3 files, then, it stops to copy/past. There is no issue with widnows 10 file explorer.

It happens with mtp_enable = false or enbled.

How to solve this issue? Thx you.

Using an SFTP or FTP server on the phone is the best method, as those protocols are much more reliable than MTP. Installing one is very easy on Android, although you'll be transferring over wifi rather than USB which may be better or worse, depending on the wifi speed and situation.

Just an idea. I also have a Xiaomi Redmi phone, and have no problems at all using MyPhoneExplorer to copy files to or from the phone. Maybe this free software has a better MPT handling. It's worth a try.

I really can recommend Mixplorer which can be downloaded from xda for free, it has an awesome set of 4 different servers already included and it works fine with Dopus. I had to use it because my usb port was broken.