Copy + Paste from VMware guest into Linux host fails

I am noticing an issue with v12.22.

First, I gave up on Windows 10 due to unresolved update issues. I have migrated to Linux Ubuntu LTS 10.04.1. I still run Windows for compatibility purposes, but I run it under VMWare Workstation Pro v16. I have been running VMWare with Directory Opus for quite a long time without issue. I am now noticing that copy + paste from VMware guest using Directory Opus to my host using standard Ubuntu file manager always fails. It works successfully using Windows Explorer.

My question-- is this an issue I should report to VMWare or is this a Directory Opus issue?

Thanks in advance.

We just put the files into the clipboard via the standard API. How VMware gets from there to Linux is unknown to us. Maybe it's expecting a data format which Opus doesn't include, but that would happen with a lot of other software as well, and mean VMware Tools from a Windows guest to a Linux host may only work with Explorer (and possibly a few other things).

If it can do it with Explorer, there's no reason they couldn't do the same thing with Opus, since the clipboard data is a standard, documented format.

It also works OK with Windows at both ends, at least last time I checked, as does drag & drop in and out of a VMware VM to and from Opus with Windows at both ends. So if it's not working on Linux then it may be something different that the Linux version of VMware does.

Thanks for your response.

Yes -- with Windows as a host, copy + paste using Directory Opus worked with no issue at all.

I will report it to VMWare to see what they have to say about it. If it works with Explorer, it should also work with Directory Opus especially since it works without issue with Windows as a host.