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Copy / Paste no longer works in lister


Recently, all customizations disappeared from Directory Opus. I had no toolbars, no shortcuts.... I have no idea why.

I have managed to restore almost everything using the customize and preferences dialogs, except I cannot get copy/paste in the lister to work. If I right-click on a file and select copy from the context menu, it works. If I right-click on the background and select paste from the context menu, it works. But Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V in the same situation do nothing.

If I bring up the customizer and select the Keys tab, these context items show up in Red. I have included a screenshot.

How do I restore those shortcuts to functionality?


Turn off the Image Viewer toolbar. It isn't meant to be used in listers (file displays); it's for the image viewer.

Things should start working again then.


Yes, that restored the shortcuts, thank you!

Is it true, then, that the toolbar I just disabled is the one that appears when you select "View in Directory Opus" for a PNG file, for example?