Copy/paste text from Excel

I don't know when it changed but now, when i copy some cells from Excel and paste it to Opus, picture is created and not text file.
Normal or not ?

Excel puts both image and text into the clipboard (and some other formats, mostly that only it understands; image and text are the ones Opus understands).

Image is a more detailed format than text, so Opus gives it priority and pastes that instead of the text representation.

A tool like PureText can be used to strip all the non-plain-text data from the clipboard while and then paste the data (all from a single hotkey, no need to strip the data then paste separately). Of course, you can also paste into a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and then copy the text back out of there, to force things into plaintext.

I guess we could add an argument to the Clipboard PASTE command to make it always use text (where available) and/or to make it prefer text over images. If we did that then you could change your Ctrl-V hotkey in Opus and not have to use PureText or another workaround.

The next version will automatically prefer text over image data if the clipboard looks like it came from Excel, and will also have arguments to let you override whether text or image data is preferred when both are present.

Excellent :wink: