Copy Percentage Complete Bug

Whilst copying a large number of files from My Documents to an external USB disk the process started showing All items: as complete when only a small fraction of the items had actually been copied. In parallel, the percentage complete went haywire. This is with v10.

Regards, AB

I agree...sort of. :slight_smile:

First, I am on v10.

I only experience the problem when I use one of my buttons to automate a move (I do a COPY MOVE using aliases). In my case, I have 1,929 files and the progress window always shows double the actual number.

But if I manually move the folder, the progress window shows the actual number.

What's also strange is that when I use my button, for a split second after I click it, I see the 1,929 max files in the progress window, but then it doubles, as per the screenshot:

What command does your button run?

This is what my button does:

delete force quiet norecycle /TargetAlias createfolder /TargetAlias copy move /SourceAlias\* TO /TargetAlias

By the way, in my case, note that there are no issues with the resulting move. It works perfectly fine.

DOpus doesn't try to copy double the files; it actually stops at the last file no problem.

I tried with the same button but can't get the problem to happen. The percentage shown is always correct, never crazy numbers.

I don't doubt that there is a problem somewhere as there have been a few reports of the progress dialog's % complete showing huge numbers, but we have never been able to reproduce it or track down what might be causing it.

Perhaps it only happens with certain configurations?

Here are my preferences for Progress Indicators, for example:

It could be some of the other file-copy settings as well, I guess, but none of them stand out to me.

If this is something you can reproduce every time, and configuring your Progress Indicators page like mine doesn't change things, then it might be worth sending me a private message with a config backup (Settings -> Backup & Restore) so I can try with your exact settings, if you don't mind sharing them.

Also, I tried with /SourceAlias and /TargetAlias both pointing to normal, local HDDs. If there's an FTP site or network drive involved when you're running the command then that might be significant.

First, I checked the preferences and the only difference was the Delayed Progress Indicators setting. I didn't believe that to be the cause, but you never know, so I changed mine from 800ms to 400ms, matching your setting. Result: Same crazy number issue, as expected. No surprise there.

Next, your mention of testing using "normal, local HDDs" caught my attention. My /TargetAlias is on a USB drive and the source is my internal drive. So I changed the /TargetAlias to point to another one of my internal HDD. Result: Same crazy number issue. Disappointment, for sure.

Then I thought of something and it explained why I wrote my button code the way I did. The reason I have "/SourceAlias*" is because there is a single folder within /SourceAlias and that folder contains all the files. (I originally tried "*.*" but that didn't work, as that mask seemed to be looking for files and found none, so no files were moved.)

So as a test, I updated my button code to specifically include the single folder within the /SourceAlias (i.e., "copy move /SourceAlias\SubfolderContainingFiles*") and that produced the correct number of files being copied. No crazy numbers! :thumbsup: Just to make sure, I switched back to my original code and tested with athe subfolder containing only 3 file and, sure enough, during the copy, it was doubled as well, so the number of files is not an issue.

Therefore, for you to reproduce, in your /SourceAlias create a single subfolder and in that subfolder, put the files that are to be moved and click on the button with the original code. You should then see the doubled number.