Copy progress dialog disappears


When I copy files and then copy some more they are added to the copy queue (automatically, as I have the option 'Automatically manage file copy queues' checked). The progress dialog shows that the second is batch is added to the queue.
After some time the copy progress dialog disappears, before the first batch is done. I do not close it myself, it's just gone. Copying of the first batch still continues however, as I see the files appearing in the target lister(s). But the second batch is not copied at all.

Can anyone confirm this, as a bug or a feature unknown to me :confused: ?

I use (x64), but I noticed the behaviour in 10.0.1.x versions also.

Thanks for any help.


I don't think there have been any other reports of anything similar.

If you are on Windows 7, does the progress continue to be displayed on the taskbar icon?

Do you have anything installed that modifies the usual behaviour of programs' windows?

Thanks for your suggestion. I have Actual Window Manager ( running, and that seems to cause the problem. Although I cannot yet explain exactly why it would happen, if I do not start Actual Window Manager the copy progress dialog has no problems at all. Luckily Actual Window Manager has a way to exclude certain programs, so I still can have the best of both worlds.