Copy queue, right click paste in folder

I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly, but I'm trying to setup the Paste command to use the copy queue when shift is held down and paste the files in a directory.
The paste code for my Lister Context Menu is currently this: Clipboard PASTE COPYQUEUE=none,shift,1QUEUE however if I right click on the target directory and then shift-click paste, it does not use the queue.

Whoops, I got confused between the context menus, but it seems to occur even when pasting on empty space on the target lister, I must be doing something wrong as the queue is not used at all, so it seems the shift modifier isn't being recognised.

Shift is handled specially in context menus (it means the "extended" version of the menu should be shown) and might not work as expected in this situation.

Adding a separate "Paste (Queued)" menu item may be required instead.

Ah yes of course, thanks for clearing that up.