Copy speed control

How about a copy throttle control, to control the speed at which opus copies files so as to limit bandwidth while copying across a network?.

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Whilst we have this 'feature request' section in the forums. You'd be better off posting suggestions like this directly to GPSoftware. That way they are entered into the official bug/suggestion database for future consideration by the authors.

Fill out the Technical Support request form at the bottom of the page:

About copying speed... I've noticed that it is very often 3+ times slower than in some competitor products. Any reason why?

hi there gmit... this sort of thing comes up on the forums every once in a while, and among the first things those here suggest doing is to make sure that any other competing apps or utilities is copying all the same stuff that Dopus is. For instance, check out the Settings>Preferences->File Operations Copying(1) and Copying(2) page options and see what you have enabled. Are 'other' products copying NTFS file permissions and File descriptions?

Options shouldn't have any effect on transferring large files. I have 3-5Mb/s while transferring large files from one disk to another, while in Magellan Explorer I get it as high as 10-15Mb/s.

Buffer size doesn't seem to make difference.