Copy text elements selected with Ctrl-RightClick with a shortcut

I'd like to use the new feature with keyboard shortcuts

Hold Ctrl and drag with the right button to select and copy individual cells:

I've tried to add shortcuts to the context menu, but even when it's shown, those shortcuts don't seem to work.

But even if they did, I'd like to be able to just bind whatever shortcuts to a condition, e.g., if anything is highlighted, then c should copy selection to clipboard (otherwise it should continue to copy files as usual). Or at least an uncoditional copy that only copies the highlights without having to open contex menus

You can bind Clipboard COPYCOLUMNS to a key to copy highlighted cells without using the context menu, but the actual highlighting is mouse only.

Almost no one using Windows knows what means. Please use Ctrl etc. as is standard on Windows if you want to be understood.

But this is not context-sensitive, is it? So I can't use the same shortcut depending on whether I have cells highlighted?

You could do it with scripting, since scripting can access highlighted column info.

Ok, will check it out, thanks, basically, check if this object has values HighlightedColumns [Directory Opus Manual] and if it has, do the highlight-specific copy