Copy the tree (not the files)

Hello :slight_smile:

I have a big tree with all my files sorted inside...
I would like to copy all the tree (the folders only, not the files) from one place to another.

Can you help me ??

PS :
Now i use DO more and more, for all my files operations : for my music, ebooks, pictures, programs, with renaming, sorting, (un)zip, (un)rar jobs... So i would like to thank the staff and DO for making everything much easier, faster, and fun :slight_smile:

Iยดm not sure, if you can do this directly with the whole "tree", starting from the drive letter, but following works equally:

First you have to make a FILTER in -> settings -> preferences -> file operations -> filters, with the only rule
TYPE equal [folders only]. For that, select "new filter" (you will be prompted for a filter name), then set the first field
at the left to "TYPE" from the drop down menu, the second field to "equal", then the third field (also from the drop down) to "FOLDERS ONLY".

The next step is to run following command from the level below the drive you want to clone, with all folders selected (that is, if you want to copy,
for example, the "tree" below G:, you can select all items (files will be ignored, so you can use Ctrl-A to select all content) below G:, like G:\Music, G:\Movies, etc.
All subfolders will be included, when your folder structure is copied to the selected target folder.


Sorry, i forgot to mention, that you must call the filter "folder" in order to make it work, or change the name accordingly:


[url]Recreate Empty Directory Structure]

Thanks blueroly, thatยดs even much better.

Thank you very much blueroly and abr, it is perfect :slight_smile:
abr, you should have known this post, because you posted an answer :wink:
Anyway, your solution is very close to the Leo's one !

Thanks again :slight_smile: