Copy Timestamps only

I have a folder which contains original files. I copied it to another location, while of course retaining the original batch, i then reorganise it to folders and the timestamps changed (filenames did not)

Ho can i copy the timestamps of the files from original location to the target location, but reach the files inside each foler?

To ask this simpler as a question, lets say i have Orignal Folder, with file1.jpg file2.jpg .... file 10.jpg
Then there is Backup Folder with subfolders, eg Animals - which has file1-file3.jpg then People folder has file4-file7.jpg etc

I want the timestamps of the original files, to reach the timestamps that got modified of the files that got sorted inside the folders,

Thank you, ive found that earlier but wasnt sure of how it worked. So basically it matches filename, but then how do i copy when target files are on multiple folders? Possibly do a flat view, so all results from subdolser get shown altogether?

It ignores filenames entirely.

It will take the timestamps from the selected files and remember them in the order those files are in when you run the 'copy' command. It will then apply those same timestamps, in order, to the files you have selected when you run the 'paste' command.

So you would need the source and destination files to be in the same order. Which should be easy enough using flatview, if they haven't been renamed.

Well thing is that lots of files have been deleted cause i went through a purge. I deleted what was not usefull to me and then added to folders the rest. So the flat view will output much less files than the original folder. So at the moment this does not seem like a viable option. But i repeat, the filenames have not been changed

You can use the commands under Edit > Select Other to make it so only files that exist in both places are selected in both places. I think that combined with flat view should give you what you need without having to write a custom script.

This may work. I firstgo for flat view. Then i enable checkboxes. I select all files from target and go for selection to checkboxes, and then select other, select source to destination. So once source has checked all the checkboxes of exiting target, i go for the script?

No need for checkboxes. Use the source-to-destination type commands in that menu.

been test trying it for a while this morning but i dont see anything happening

Apparently ive been getting this

Clipboard Attributes: Error at line 54, position 2
Clipboard Attributes: Object doesn't support this property or method: 'DOpus.Create' (0x800a01b6)

Are you on an old version?

Please link your forum account as well, since it's 10 years old.